Renaissance woman, Phavia Kujichagulia, is one of the musicians and cultural artists highlighted in the Arcadia Publishing book series, Images of America: Black Artists in Oakland (2007).  She is a Griot (Djialli Ba) - an oral historian who utilizes music and poetry to reveal history. This spoken word artist plays trumpet/cornet and percussion. She dynamically orchestrates African music, Jazz, and pop into a hypnotic rhapsody. Her performances include the World Drum Festival, National Black Expo, the John Coltrane Festival, and Nelson Mandela’s 1990 USA Tour. Between 1990 and 1999, Phavia Kujichagulia was the cultural director and co-leader of the African Roots of Jazz. Her production piece, The Evolution of African-American Classical Music /Jazz, has received national acclaim.

        Phavia Kujichagulia has also been recognized as one of the Kings & Queens of Black Consciousness along with Dr. Cornel West, Marvin X, Sonia Sanchez, and Amiri Baraka. Her latest feature CD, The Human Race (Kujichagulia Records), is available online. Phavia Kujichagulia & Ma'at  are available for concerts, festivals, celebrations, private, and public events. Contact us!

     “Phavia Kujichagulia’s performance piece The Evolution of African-American Classical Music/Jazz, is a musical production about the roots of American music – the oral history of struggle, pain, freedom and exultation. Phavia Kujichagulia is a modern Griot, a wondering minstrel on a mission to teach, entertain and celebrate our common heritage and humanity.” - The Sacramento Bee

“The Story of Jazz performance is more serious in its intentions than many groups now producing gold albums.” 

                 - The Los Angeles Times

“Sensation overload, jazz poet, journey agent, renaissance woman! This scientist of word and sound sings and swings.” - Matrix Magazine   

 “Phavia Kuumba Kujichagulia is politically and poetically right-on with a thoughtful feminist, humanist, Afro-American point of view.”  - Bay Area Music Magazine

Phavia Kujichagulia  -  DISCOGRAPHY
Jazz Bizniz 4 (Counterpoint Records Anthology, 2008)
The Human Race (Kujichagulia Records, 2000)
African Roots of Jazz Collectors’ Item featuring Phavia Kujichagulia (AROJ Records, 1996)
Undercover or Overexposed (Kujichagulia Records, 1989)
Frontliners (Undercurrent Records, 1987)
Jazzological Muse*oetry (Kujichagulia Records, 1986)


       “Talking about Phavia Kujichagulia requires a certain amount of restraint. It would be easy and entirely appropriate to say she is a renaissance woman in the tradition of the 20th century’s first true eclectic, the late Paul Robeson. She is a musician, composer, poet, dancer, educator, and author. It’s been said that politics and art don’t mix; fortunately Phavia Kujichagulia hasn’t fallen for that bit of chimera.”  - Fresno Bee

“After experiencing Phavia Kujichagulia, you’ll understand why we’re asking

Sanchez, Walker, Angelou, Jordan and the rest of the heavyweights to move over

and make room for another member of the First Team.”   

              - Black Culture Magazine

       “We got to Yoshi’s early … for Black Media Appreciation Night, and there on the stage for the sound check was a magnificent African band. I’d expected a great show from Phavia Kujichagulia alone, but, dancing through the audience as they entered to perform, eight incredible musicians came with her – playing drums of all kinds, guitars, sax and flute, with a dancer enhancing the sweet, strong sound of Phavia’s trumpet – to fill the stage.” - SF Bayview Newspaper

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